Cavity Slider Benefits


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The Tornex cavity sliding door frame consists of slimline trims that continue along the entire perimeter of the opening, from the cavity collar, alongside the top track and down the closing end jamb of the cavity slider door. This achieves a beautifully uniform look and assists in concealing any imperfection in the plaster, which lines the wall and the bulkhead. The same exposed trims along side the track can be removed to allow the ceiling line to continue right though the walkway on the same plane. Furthermore, our system can accommodate different ceiling heights from one room to the next without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

The sliding door system also eliminates the now ‘antiquated’ pelmet by allowing the door to be brought up to within 5 mm of the track without any exposed hardware. The bottom door guide is also strategically fixed on the inside edge of the cavity to achieve an obstruction free opening.

The end result is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical.

Please contact us, we are here to help and we supply Australia wide, including; Brisbane and greater Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, NSW North Coast, Sydney and greater New South Wales, Melbourne and greater Victoria VIC, Canberra, Perth and greater Western Australia WA, Adelaide and greater South Australia SA - as well as all other states.



As a standard, we offer a silver anodised finish for all the exposed components of our sliding system. However, at Tornex we like to encourage our customers to stamp their own personal touch to any opening. We offer an option to powder-coat these components in any of the many Dulux Aluminium powder-coating colours.

Colour can be used to maintain a colour theme throughout the home or office or as a feature statement.
In addition, frameless glass doors can also offer the opportunity to create a certain style or impose a certain image to an otherwise plain space. Glass printing technology can create virtually any pattern, colour or impose any logo on the face of your sliding frameless door panel. Imagine the possibilities….

Space Saving

When purchasing or renovating a home, apartment, hotel or office, one of the biggest objectives is to maximise every square inch of space available, therefore the conventional hinged door is no longer necessarily the most cost effective option. Consider the following – when opening a hinged door into a room or hallway, its swinging action must traverse a certain unobstructed arc, which on average equates to approx. 1.6 square metres per opening. If you extrapolate this otherwise unused space to every hinged door in the home or office and apply a monetary value to the total unused space, it will quickly become apparent that over time, hinged doors are not enhancing the value of your investment but rather reducing the amount of usable space which you have otherwise purchased.

On the other hand, a Tornex cavity sliding door system requires no space as it simply and effortlessly slides into the wall, allowing for optimal use of the space on either side of the opening. Due to its high weight bearing capacity of 100kgs being its only restriction, Tornex sliding systems can carry bigger doors to create larger openings, which further enhances the ‘open’ feel to any room.

Furthermore, when using a frameless glass door, natural light can flood into the room creating a pleasant and vibrantly open feel to any room of the house or office.

Soft Closing & Soft Opening

Now we can offer as an added optional feature a soft closing and/or soft opening cavity sliding door system – by incorporating the latest in European smart hardware technology, we have managed to further enhanced our already excellent sliding motion.

This superbly designed mechanism is easy to install, completely maintenance-free and entirely concealed within our slimline sliding door track.

Whether it be your office, home or anywhere that has internal doors – by gently guiding the door into its closed or open position, the reliability and efficiency of this system will make it an effortless joy to open or shut any door, whilst at the same time dramatically reducing the noise factor and likelihood of accidents often associated with the slamming action of both hinged and sliding doors.


The weight bearing capacity of our sliding hardware can be maximised to carry up to 100 kgs per panel, which allows for a wide range of door sizes and door types including, but not limited to – frameless glass, timber, MDF, perspex, etc. This versatility makes our sliding door system perfectly suitable for an equally wide range of applications, both in the commercial and residential sector.

Each of our frames is custom-made to effectively suit any situation from a full ceiling height opening to a variety of different bulkhead configurations. Using any one of many different perimeters such as – a specific door size, a desired ‘clear’ opening, an overall tight opening – each sliding door frame is a creation in itself made specially to suit you and your requirements.


Tornex cavity sliding door frames are distributed nationally in a semi assembled form. This makes the installation process as quick and easy as possible, saving time and effort.

The top sliding track is pre-drilled every 200 mm and ready to fix onto a suitable supporting beam. The structural aluminium braces holding the cavity frame together are also designed with ridges on their outer sides to increase the adhesiveness of the plaster boards and are spaced out to suit both 1200 mm and 1350 mm wide sheets of plaster board. The exposed trims surrounding the actual clear opening are designed to securely conceal both 10 mm and 13 mm thick plaster board in case of any imperfections in the edges.

Once the frame is in place and the wall has been fixed to it, the door can be retro fitted at a later and often more convenient time, avoiding the risk of damage while further work takes place on site. These are just some of the many intricate details, which make our system the ‘complete’ cavity sliding door system.